“Very professional and super friendly! Always willing to help you in any way they can. I can't say enough about how great everyone is from the front desk staff to the hygienists and dentists to Dr. Pete! I recommend them to everyone!"

Missy H. - Dental Patient

"My journey at Angstadt Dental began as an emergency. One of my back teeth broke off at work on a Friday morning. I thought I would need to wait until Monday to have something done. Dr. Angstadt was willing to come in on Friday evening with one of the staff to help me. So many of my teeth were in need of help. I was always embarrassed by my smile. Now I have a beautiful smile and am so happy with my results. This practice is family oriented and you are treated like family. All the staff are very caring and helpful. You will not be disappointed."

Kathleen - Dental Patient

"Best dental group EVER. Very caring and knowledgeable. My group for over 30 years."

Lisa W. - Dental Patient

"Hi, My name is Kristin, and I am Dentist-phobic! UNTIL NOW. WHAT CAN I SAY BESIDES THIS DOC ROCKS! If you want a Dentist who will text you late on a Friday night to check on you, when he hasn't even yet met you & then will show up on football Sunday to do a "FUN" emergency root canal, then this is your dentist. I cannot explain how severe my phobia was, but trust me... If I can have work done by Dr. A, ANYONE can. The best!"

Kristin S. - Dental Patient

"“I can’t believe how easy my dental appointment was. I have put off my dental care for so long because I was afraid to “go to the dentist”. I regret waiting so long! You have put my dental fears to rest. I love my smile. It was so awesome to be able to watch a movie during my treatment. Compliments. Thank you so much!!”

Dan R. - Dental Patient

"21st century dentistry at it’s best! Root canals, extractions, and the dreaded needle in the roof of my mouth - never felt any of it! I was amazed! Ron is impressed with advanced technology and expertise of the doctors. Had several cavities removed with a laser and talked about it for days. No novacaine! No pain! Staff is friendly, efficient, and informative. Pleasant surroundings. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of the Angstadts and everyone at Angstadt Family Dental."

Ron & Gale S. - Dental Patient

“I want to thank you all for your sincere kindness and compassion. I have always feared going to the dentist. You all have taken that fear away! The massaging dental chair is and added bonus. You are all so professional and caring. I will recommend you to my family and friends!”

Janet - Dental Patient

"For the first time ever I truly enjoyed my time in a dentist's office everything was organized but yet laid back just a very friendly surrounding I feel like I walked in with a toothache and walked out with a new friend doctor Angstadt is not just a great dentist but a great person I would recommend him to anybody and everybody just an amazing experience."

Jeremy G. - Dental Patient

“You have all been so friendly and professional throughout this whole procedure and I wanted to convey my sincere appreciation. I LOVE MY TEETH! Thanks! P.S. I’m thinking about joining the local hockey team, what do you think? Only kidding!!”

Jay - Dental Patient

"There aren't enough stars for these ratings! I had a dental emergency, so Dr. Angstadt and his assistant came in for a couple of patients and myself on Labor day to ensure we were all out of pain and fixed up by the time we left. They were great! They stayed in the office until about 10:30pm and took their time doing my root canal. I had a broken tooth and was in extreme pain for the majority of the day and he got me in there as soon as he could. I was always scared of dentist visits and root canals because of the pain that American Dental and various other dentists have put me through in the past. I could barely feel the needle go into my gum for the anesthetic. I jumped once during the root canal, but the pain was from an infection in the tooth, so he numbed that up right away. He's a very friendly, funny, and overall likeable guy. The appearance of his office makes you feel very comfortable and is extremely clean. From now on I will be going to Dr. Angstadt's office for any dental problems that I have. Thanks to him and his team, I no longer fear having dental work done! Oh, and I still got a Hotwheels car for being so brave and I'm 28-years-old! *chuckles*"

Brandon - Dental Patient

"The team at Angstadt Family Dental is AMAZING! I went to 6 different Dental consults before finding Dr. Angstadt. I ended up choosing Dr. Angstadt because his kindness, compassion and cutting edge technology surpassed all others. I have had extensive facial surgeries and dental work. Unfortunately, my experiences have left me with a sometimes overwhelming phobia of Dentist's and dental procedures. Simple, 6 month cleanings would send me into a panic attack. I unexpectedly discovered that I needed extensive dental work that was beyond the skills of my regular dentist. I was distraught. After meeting with Dr. Angstadt, I knew that he was the best choice. The team is kind, funny, knowledgeable and very willing to work with you financially."

Erick M. - Dental Patient

"I have been to many dentist and am proud to say I finally found my dentist for life! The whole staff is warm and welcoming and eases my anxiety and takes time to always answer all my questions. There's been many times he has stayed late or came in early to see me. Can you say that about your dentist? I will never go to any other dentist where I am just another face. Trust me, this is the dentist you want!!"

Jon B. - Dental Patient

""This practice has taken care of our family dental needs through generations! Yes they are real family. However, I want to give an incredible thank you to all involved in this recent very scary situation. I was in need of clearances from multiple health specialists due to other health conditions /concerns. And although nervous about the "chair", with the injury to my tooth I was overwhelmed by peace as the process began. I would not put myself, my teeth in the hands of any other, but those at this practice!!! They walk you through each step, share encouragement and understanding. I left in little pain after quite the work up. And yet I said, "I could do it again"! This team is a blessing!! So grateful! They definitely have your best interest at heart, individually! For those especially nervous about procedures, dont be. Come visit and you will never go anywhere else! They are the best of the best! If there were 10 stars...it would be a 10!""

Lorianne M. - Dental Patient

Start each day with a rewarding smile!