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Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Lancaster?

Whether you are an existing patient or new to Angstadt Dental Lancaster, we can fix your emergency dental issue in a timely, comfortable fashion. When you need emergency dental services, we will provide the earliest available appointment to deliver the urgent dental care you need regardless of the day of the week or time of day. 

Dental emergencies seem to happen at the most inconvenient time for patients. This is why our doctors are always available and make time on weekends or late at night for patients in need. Being available 24 hours is very important and we always want our patients – and walk-ins – to feel comfortable reaching out after hours, even if it’s just with questions about an upcoming service or post-treatment care.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Call now to make an emergency dentist visit in Lancaster to get urgent help for a range of issues. Our emergency dental services include the following services:

emergency dentist lancaster pa

Our emergency dental care encompasses many common problems that people could have that must be fixed in a pinch. Most issues have to do with a broken or chipped tooth, broken previous restorations, and trauma which can happen in a hurry for patients. These situations typically lead to restorative work for patients to replace and repair front teeth as well as back teeth. They also can lead to root canal therapy, almost always completed in one office visit.

Dental pain is another legitimate reason for emergency treatment. Typically, these patients need root canal therapy or extractions of teeth, all completed at our office at these emergency appointments. Other reasons for emergency dental care could be broken dentures or gum pain or swelling. Broken dentures can typically be repaired temporarily but ultimately are replaced.

Kathleen - Emergency Dental Patient

“My journey at Angstadt Family Dental began as an emergency. One of my back teeth broke off at work on a Friday morning. I thought I would need to wait until Monday to have something done. Dr. Angstadt was willing to come in on Friday evening with one of the staff to help me. So many of my teeth were in need of help. I was always embarrassed by my smile. Now I have a beautiful smile and am so happy with my results. This practice is family-oriented and you are treated like family. All the staff is very caring and helpful. You will not be disappointed.”
tooth pain or dental pain lancaster pa

Pain-Free Emergency Dental Care

Don’t let oral pain disrupt your normal daily activities. For us as a dental office, we simply want to be there for our patients and people of our community as much as possible. In this, we can help people gain confidence in their smile, eating and chewing, and get them out of pain when they need the dentist most.

Dr. Eric always says:
“Toothaches and dental emergencies, unfortunately, don’t wait until Monday through Friday 9-5! This is why we feel so grateful and lucky to be able to help our patients through emergency treatment on weekends and after hours.”

Focus On Preventative Care

One way to prevent dental issues in the future, especially if you are due for a cleaning or check-up and haven’t been able to see your dentist, is to focus on home care! Brushing and flossing after each meal with a soft bristled toothbrush can limit dental caries or cavities and also help current unsolved problems from progressing quickly. Using an antiseptic mouth rinse like Listerine or crest pro-health can also be very helpful in limiting intraoral bacteria and limiting the chance of new caries or cavities. Remember, the best care is preventive care and there’s no one to do that better than yourself!

The experts at Angstadt Family Dental have a number of methods that can help you relax and feel comfortable while providing emergency dental care that gets you out of pain as quickly as possible. Whatever you may need or whatever question you may have, always feel comfortable calling and speaking with one of the doctors. We are more than happy to help!

Start each day with a rewarding smile!

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