Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth. When you have a root canal, the inflammation or infected pulp is removed, the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, and filled and sealed to save the tooth. According to the American Association of Endodontists, root canals are needed for a cracked tooth from injury or genetics, a deep cavity, or issues from a previous filling.

Think of a root canal as a very small and precise filling in a very small and tight space! Yes, it can be that simple. Painful and scary root canals of the past are simply that, the past!

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment can save your tooth, prevents the spread of infection, and helps you maintain the health of your mouth.  In some cases, the procedure can improve overall oral hygiene.  Saving the tooth has a few advantages including:

Why Us for Root Canal Procedure?

With the new technology and techniques that we use at Angstadt Family Dental, we are able to help our patients receive pain-free root canal treatment and as minimal soreness after the root canal procedure. Always follow the instructions given after a root canal and take the medication prescribed by our doctor for the quickest, most comfortable healing possible!

It must be remembered that permanent restorations are almost always necessary with a root canal treated tooth to give it strength and function after root canal therapy. Our doctor will always discuss the best option for the patient and recommend it, typically a filling or a crown.

Jessica G. - Root Canal Patient

“Normally root canal and great experience do not belong in the same sentence. However, Dr. Angstadt is extremely knowledgeable and everything he does is perfectly precise. The staff is friendly and accommodating. I have had dental work at other places, but the superior care, assurance of quality and precision is something I have never experienced anywhere other than at Angstadt Dental.”
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If you need a root canal procedure to take care of a painful and infected tooth, contact us and we can set up an appointment at your convenience! Don’t worry about your dental insurance  – we will check that for you, and we  have plenty of payment options to get you on the path to oral health. We even provide regular dental cleanings!

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