Invisible Aligners

ClearCorrect is a type of clear aligner therapy that is used to straighten misaligned teeth and correct not only the aesthetics and the way things look but to also restore function. ClearCorrect typically takes 6-18 months depending on the patient and the movements necessary.

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Invisalign Treatment

Whether you need a simple fix or complex shifts, Invisalign clear aligners can straighten out your teeth – faster than braces, and at a similar cost. Invisalign straightens teeth predictably and comfortably. 

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Contact us and schedule an appointment for a simple no-charge consult to discuss what it is you may be looking for and to see if either ClearCorrect or Invisalign could help you re-invigorate your smile and finally make that small change that can make a big difference!

Start each day with a rewarding smile!

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