Laser Dentistry for Cavities

Whether you are an existing patient or new to Angstadt Dental Lancaster, we can resolve your dental issue in an easy, comfortable fashion with laser dentistry. Perhaps one of the most significant advances that dentistry has made is associated with dental lasers, specifically the Biolase Waterlase iPlus. At our state-of-the-art office in Lancaster, we work hard to always bring top-level technology for our patients that makes life easier, painless, and more efficient.

Laser treatment is a more conservative treatment option as the process only removes what is needed – tooth decay – saving more of the tooth structure. Due to the multi-functionality of the laser, we do not need to tissue scalpel making the experience pain-free for patients. Our use of laser dentistry highlights our goal to provide a comfortable patient experience where the doctors are always available and practice the highest level of care.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The benefits of laser dentistry allow the experts here at Angstadt Dental Lancaster to deliver the following benefits to our patients:

The method has the added advantage of not requiring anesthesia, needle, or drill, allowing for a more relaxed dental treatment experience for our patients. Because we can be more precise with a laser, many patients also receive a more efficient treatment with shorter recovery times.

Whether it’s gum treatment or working on teeth to complete dental fillings, laser dentistry eliminates the need for the regular sites and sounds of a dental office that make many patients uneasy. It works by basically using energized water droplets. These droplets don’t create any heat and also sterilize the surface while working to decrease bacteria at the site of care.

Types of Dental Procedures with Laser Dentristy

The two main types of procedures we use laser dentistry for are treatments related to hard tissue (teeth) and soft tissue (gum). A few common hard tissue procedures we regularly perform are cavity detection, tooth preparation, and dental fillings. Crown lengthening, removing soft tissue folds, and reshaping gum tissue are a few examples of soft tissue procedures.

Ron and Gail S. - Laser Dentistry Patients

“21st-century dentistry at it’s best! Root canals, extractions, and the dreaded needle in the roof of my mouth – never felt any of it! I was amazed! Ron is impressed with the advanced technology and expertise of the doctors. Had several cavities removed with a laser and talked about it for days. No novocaine! No pain! The staff is friendly, efficient, and informative. Pleasant surroundings. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of the Angstadts and everyone at Angstadt Family Dental.”

Pain-Free & Safe Dental Care

Laser dentistry is pain-free and needle-free. And because our “Biolase” system uses a laser which creates microcracks & fractures, it doesn’t create heat. This makes the process safe in the hands of our highly trained professionals. We’ve participated in numerous, ongoing education courses and manufacturer training sessions to maintain our certifications with the latest in laser dentistry equipment and techniques.

The experts at Angstadt have a number of methods that can help you relax and feel comfortable while providing laser dentistry care that gets you out of pain as quickly as possible. Whatever you may need or whatever question you may have, always feel comfortable calling and speaking with one of the doctors. We are more than happy to help!

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