Angstadt Dental Lancaster is one of the area’s leading providers for restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments such as veneers. You no longer need to hide your smile because of gaps, chips, stains, or misshapen teeth. With veneers, you can easily correct your teeth’s imperfections to help you have a more confident, beautiful smile.

Veneers are natural in appearance, and they are a perfect option for patients wanting to make minor adjustments to the look and feel of their smile. Angstadt employs the latest dental techniques and has a long-standing relationship with the top U.S. dental lab to ensure that your restoration is natural-looking and long-lasting.

Can I Correct Minor Smile Imperfections With Veneers?

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells made from tooth-colored materials (such as porcelain), and they are designed to cover the front side of your teeth. To prepare for veneers, your dentist will create a unique model of your teeth. This model is sent to the dental technician to create your veneers. Before placing your new veneer, your doctor may need to conservatively prepare your tooth to achieve the desired aesthetic result.

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“Doctor Angstadt is the ABSOLUTE BEST. 25 yrs experience and he will still get out of bed at 4 am to attend a patient. He is an artist with every aspect of dentistry, and he has the most technologically advanced office. Put his skill together with the best technology and you have dental excellence. There is not enough space here to describe everything he has done for my girlfriend and I. To sum it all up… if you need a dentist… there is only one choice. Dr. Angstadt!!!!!!!”

Benefits of Getting Veneers at Angstadt

We can help restore and improve your smile with our time-tested process for designing and placing veneers. For the past 25 years, our in-house team has partnered with Gibson Dental Designs – the top ceramicist in the US – to ensure better color matching, customization, and strength.  We design the veneers to your unique, personal specifications and work with the same lab technician throughout the process. Here are five key benefits of getting your veneers placed at Angstadt Dental Lancaster:

After treatment, oral hygiene at home and regular dental check-ups are of the utmost importance to keep the teeth healthy under your veneers and ensure a long-lasting smile.

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Whether you know you need restorative or cosmetic work such as veneers, contact us today to get started on your free consultation. Don’t worry about your dental insurance, we have a loyalty plan and payment options to get you on the path to oral health. We even provide regular dental cleanings!

Start each day with a rewarding smile!

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