Payment Options

Finances and Insurance for Your Dental Care

The final cost of your dental treatment will vary depending on your individual needs and your treatment plan. Our staff is happy to discuss with you the potential cost of care and your available payment options before you begin treatment. At Angstadt Dental Lancaster, we accept a number of dental insurance providers, Wells Fargo Health Advantage, as well as major credit cards. We also feature both individual loyalty and corporate loyalty plans to help you defray the cost of your dental treatment. Please contact our office regarding currently accepted insurance providers and other financing options. 

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo bank has an option called the “health advantage card” and in this we give our patients the option to pay for their care over 6-12 months interest free. This option is somewhat new for dental offices but is great as potential penalties and interests rates are lower than that of competitors. It’s great to use for entire treatment plans at once or larger steps of a new treatment plan.

For more information about interest rates and potential penalties, click below:

Remember, this cannot hurt you to be accepted or declined with Wells Fargo. There is also no obligation to use it if you are accepted. 

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