Dentures restore functionality and confidence to patients whose natural teeth are missing or have endured severe damage. At Angstadt Dental Lancaster, we understand that your smile and budget for that restoration is unique to you. As a result, we work with our partner laboratory to custom-fit dentures and partial dentures to each of our patient’s individual needs. We can help you find a sure, comfortable fit and dentures that look and function like real teeth.

Dentures and partial dentures are created in our partner laboratory to match seamlessly with each patient’s desired size, shape, and color. Our belief in supporting local business has partnered us with a local lab – meaning you get your dentures back quicker – often in 1 day. And because we use snap-in dentures with retention, that means no annoying metal clasp to potentially damage your teeth and mouth.

Looking for the Best Dentures in Lancaster?

Both of our offices have highly educated, well-trained dentists with years of experience in matching dentures to patients’ unique needs. Call to schedule a consultation and be sure to ask about these reasons why our dentures are the highest quality in the area:

We often encourage patients with broken or missing teeth to bring images of themselves when they did have their teeth and their smile. In this, they can help us to re-create their smiles for them. It’s also never a bad idea to bring a family member or close friend in for our “try-in” appointments so that we can help you receive the best denture possible!

At Angstadt Dental Lancaster, we understand that your smile and budget for restorations is unique to you. We’ll do everything in our power to ensure that we restore functionality and confidence through the latest in denture materials and treatment techniques.

Eric M. - Dental Patient

“The team at Angstadt Family Dental is AMAZING! I went to 6 different Dental consults before finding Dr. Angstadt. I ended up choosing Dr. Angstadt because of his kindness, compassion and cutting edge technology surpassed all others. I have had extensive facial surgeries and dental work. Unfortunately, my experiences have left me with a sometimes overwhelming phobia of Dentists and dental procedures. After meeting with Dr. Angstadt, I knew that he was the best choice. The team is kind, funny, knowledgeable and very willing to work with you financially.”

Improve Dentures with Dental Implants

Almost all dentures – no matter how well they are made or how well they fit – can be improved with the placement of 2 or more implants. In our Lancaster office, we are able to place implants under the dentures and snap the dentures into place to give them retention that patients may not have ever realized was possible.

This method allows patients to avoid using costly and bad tasting pastes or gels and experience an even better fit. Even dentures made years before can be modified to fit underneath implants that give extra strength. Don’t feel doomed to dentures of the past! There are better options and solutions that we at Angstadt Dental Lancaster would love to help you pursue!

Start each day with a rewarding smile!

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