Loyalty Plan

Dental Insurance - Angstadt Dental Lancaster

In our Lancaster office we offer patient loyalty plans that can be used with or independent of traditional dental insurance plans. The programs all help our patients receive more regular care at a discounted price. Overall, our loyalty plans promote better dental health via more frequent preventative treatments, and reduced costs for any restorative procedures that are required.  

The available plans include that of a pediatric plan for patients 16 and under, a standard adult plan for all adults over 16 and then a periodontist plans for those who need more regular cleanings and exams. These options are best determined by your dentist and before signing up must be indicated by them.

The plan benefits are as follows:

For more information and how our in office patient loyalty plan can benefit you and your family, call our office and ask for our treatment coordinator.

Start each day with a rewarding smile!

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